Update: PrivMX 18.10 is here!

We tuned up PrivMX 18 - here's a list of all fixes we've made to the latest version.

We’ve just launched PrivMX 18 but decided to add a few final touches.

Check our latest updates in the 18.10 version!

Here are the major changes:
  • OS Windows updater’s bug - fixed

  • LIMITED Users’ Account bug: we've reported a bug in the process of creating a Limited User Account - it’s now fixed.

  • Autostart settings: with 18.10, you can decide if you want PrivMX to start automatically with your operating system. Just go to USER SETTINGS in your user profile and choose INTERFACE SETTINGS to autostart PrivMX during system login.

  • Overall improvements of PrivMX performance: we eliminated ugly lags and it’s now smoother than ever.

Here’s a list of minor changes:
  • Locking and unlocking Files made easier: With PrivMX 18.10, the LOCK/UNLOCK buttons are now visible in Files toolbar and next to each Mind Map and Text Note file. To lock or unlock a selected file, just click the padlock icon at the bottom of the Files toolbar. The icon’s colour is related to the file’s status - the locked files’ icon is now displayed in orange. To see which Team Member locked a file, just hover over the icon.

  • Improvements of timeframe view options, including improving the Date Time Picker view.

  • Text Notes optimised: Creating and opening a Text Note straight from hotkeys, tray and throughout Files is now faster.

  • VOICE CHAT improvements: audio notifications are muted automatically during a voice call.

  • Search Engine optimization in Chat’s historical data.

  • Video player improvements: high-resolution video files are now displayed properly on screens with various parameters.

  • Separate PrivMX windows view improvement: each new opened separate PrivMX window is now 60% the size of your screen by default.

  • Email notifications’ settings fixed: you can personalize your user settings and get selected PrivMX notifications straight to your inbox.

Enjoy the updated version and let us know what you think!

Kasia Toczko

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