PrivMX 25 is here!

The new version of PrivMX Fusion software is out, featuring many improvements and UX fixes within the onboarding process, PrivMX editors, Files and Tasks.

Here’s a list of changes and updates that come with the latest PrivMX Fusion version.

We looked into our users’ feedback and made our best to improve the UX. That includes smoothing the onboarding experience for new users by adding some new tooltips and making Help and Shortcuts more accessible within the interface. We also made sure to add some improvements to Files and Tasks - featuring the option of creating and editing numerous Tasks and many more.

Here’s a detailed list of all fixes:


  • We added some new onboarding tooltips and tips that make it easier for first-time users to get a feeling of the workspace.

  • A short collection of most handy shortcuts has always been in the system tray, but we followed the suggestions of our users and made the decision to make the complete shortcuts menu more accessible. From now on, you can find it right in your User settings in the top right corner:


  • Make sure to check the new, simple uploading menu in the Chat for inserting Files from PrivMX Fusion, importing them from your desktop or adding new File formats:

AddingFilesin Chat

  • You'll also find some UX improvements within the Sections’ bar - we added some more space and a definite splitter between the top Sections bar and the one-on-one Sections all for a more clear view.


  • Our Team has improved search within Files: now you can find a File using just the Task number. Type it in your search window and you’ll see all Files attached or linked to the mentioned Task:


  • We made it possible to attach multiple Files to a Task at once. To do that, just mark the selected Files, and choose “Attach to a Task” in the Files menu and you're done.

  • The “Help” section in File editors got more helpful and unified across all the interface.

  • Mind Maps’ editor also got a fresh look - it’s easier to create and navigate through nodes with a brand new visual guide:



  • Starting from this version, you can now create, edit and work on multiple Tasks simultaneously.

  • Adding new To-do Lists also got easier now: just click the “+ New” button and start creating a new List of Tasks.

  • We've also made it easier to self-assign Tasks. When delegating Tasks, you’ll find your own avatar at the top of the list now’ all the other Team Members are sorted alphabetically.

  • Updating status and copying Tasks is now faster: there’s no need to open the Task and start editing - just tap the Task to preview and choose the right option in the menu.


  • You can now try a faster way to Hide/Dislpay selected Task categories in your Kanban boards. You’ll find a new “eye” icon next to the Kanban status categories; just hover and click it in order to hide or show a selected status group.


Hope these updates will make it easier and smoother to use PrivMX Fusion! Enjoy the new version and feel free to share your feedback via email or through our social media channels.


Kasia Toczko

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