New colors in PrivMX app!

We’re introducing a few more colors to the interface settings - the new version (available soon!) of PrivMX app allows you to customize your color palette and choose between a few background and bubbles’ options. We need your help to choose the default version.

So far, PrivMX background was a characteristic gradient, but we want to try something new. See the new options for color combinations:

new interface color settings menu

Hope you'll enjoy setting up your own palette!

Now we need to decide on the default interface settings for new users. We'd really appreciate your feedback on which combination works better.

Should we:
1. Try a new flat kind of blue:

PrivMX flat blue background

2. Go dark mode:

PrivMX dark mode

3. Keep the gradient:

PrivMX gradient background

in the default settings?

Let us know - we're waiting for your feedback at We've prepared simple inquiries on our social media channels - feel free to offer your insight there:


Thanks for your help!

Kasia Toczko

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