About us

We believe in teamwork.

We believe each team has its own work ecosystem that should be flexible, organic and protected. That's why we created PrivMX.

The basic idea was simple:

enabling client-side encryption to protect our team's data on the server.

Soon it turned out to be much more, as we developed end-to-end encrypted communication channels, published an alternative encrypted webmail system and started working on encrypted software for various clients.

PrivMX team, consisting of IT specialists, developers, designers, lawyers, marketers and project managers, has one thing in common: we all believe that humans are more important than tools or data.

With various backgrounds and work routines, we believe teamwork should happen in a protected organic workspace and that communication, creativity, trust, respect and consensus are key factors in every type of project. We're concerned with the issue of intellectual property, not only in terms of work, but life in general.

That's why we work on improving PrivMX using PrivMX.

To know more about our philosophy shaping the development of PrivMX, check out "The Origins of PrivMX" - a special blog post series by Matt.

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