PrivMX 22 is here - now with Speadsheets, Favourite Chats and much more!

Meet PrivMX 22 - a brand new version of PrivMX software, featuring a new type of File - the Spreadsheet, some smart solutions within the architecture and a few UX fixes. See what's new in PrivMX 22!

Spreadsheet: a new type of File

Simple and UX friendly, Sheets support most essential and popular math functions.

To create your first Sheet, just go to Files, click the blue "+ New" button and select "New spreadsheet":

screenhots of adding a new PrivMX spreadsheet

There's a simple menu in the top part, allowing you to adjust the file to your needs. Apart from simple editing tools, you'll find all active functions in "Help" in the top right corner.

Being a new element within our Fusion of Tools, sheets are connected with other PrivMX features - you can link to any PrivMX File or Task while creating your sheet, and, on the other hand, they can be linked in any type of File or Task, too. Just type in "#" to link/create a Task or "/" to do the same with Files. You will also be able to move between Tasks and Files, experiencing our Fusion of Tools:

screenhots of PrivMX spreadsheets

Share your Spreadsheet with your Team Members, attach it to any Task and treat it just like any other type of File:

screenhots of PrivMX spreadsheets

We hope you'll enjoy it and find it useful.

Favourite Chat Messages

You can now add a selected Chat Message to Favourites and save it for later. To do that, just click that star icon in the chat window, right next to emojis and quotes:

screenhots of Favourite chat messages

You can find them all in "My favourite posts", in the top part of your Chat bar:

screenhots of Favourite chat messages

Private Chat with Yourself

From now on you can chat with yourself in PrivMX :) Funny as it seems, it's actually a practical way to save and keep some important information as a priority just for oneself.

screenshot of My Private Chat with Myself

Because the Chat Channel works like any other Chat, you can adjust the settings and make it a backlog of all the Files you uploaded to Your Private Files or Tasks you created for yourself. You can also use it as a diary or a space for internal monologues - it's all up to you! Just rest assured it's kept private, as no other user can see this part of the Team Server.

New design of login & welcome screens

screenhots of Favourite chat messages

Once you update your current version, you'll see a fresh layout of the login window. You'll also experience a smoother transition between Tools and Sections. Also - notice how the Logout restarts PrivMX with a splash window!

As usual - we'd love some user feedback, so please feel free to share any opinions you may have on the new version. Let us know!


PrivMX Team.

Kasia Toczko

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