PrivMX 20 is here - now with PrivMX Pocket!

Meet PrivMX Pocket - a mobile companion app for our desktop application, available for IOS and Android. There's also an important update on the file chooser and Sections' export.

See what's new in PrivMX:

PrivMX Pocket, a companion app for desktop PrivMX.

We have been testing the app for some time now and now we're launching first versions for IOS and Android. It's a free companion app that allows you to contact your team and share essential content on mobile - you can use selected PrivMX Chats and Files on your mobile. It's a game-changer for all PrivMX users who can now stay connected and safe - whether they work on their computers or mobile devices.

We've come up with an original way to access the content of your account:

  • there's no need to use your main PrivMX password on your mobile device;
  • you decide what exactly to put in your Pocket - selected Sections, users, groups;
  • just scan the QR codes in the desktop version of PrivMX - you can find them in the sidebar menu in the "Put in my Pocket" icon;
  • you can access the content wherever you are;
  • make photos and write text notes directly within PrivMX workspace - they are not saved in your mobile system (IOS, Android);
  • upload content from other apps on your mobile, e.g. using the system send function.

There's still a lot to improve and we'll be working on the app, but at the meantime - please feel free to contact us and share any feedback!

screenhots of PrivMX Pocket app

To learn more about how it works and how to start, go to:

To download the iPhone version, visit your App Store or Google Play.

What else is new with PrivMX?

Exporting the content of Sections

You can export your Sections to your computer now. To download the content of a selected Section, just lick the Section settings next to its name on the sidebar menu and click the Export button on the bottom:

exporting PrivMX Sections

Then choose the content you want to export and the format:

exporting PrivMX Sections - selecting content and format

New way to select files

We made it easier to preview and select the files you want to share within PrivMX Team Server. Take a look:

selecting files in PrivMX 20

More details on the changelog coming soon. As always - we'd love to know what you think about the updated version! Let us know via email or our social media channels.

Enjoy PrivMX 20!

Kasia Toczko

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